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All shirts on kitroomfootball.com(KRF) are genuine original items. We do not sell fake or remade items. We have a dedicated authentication team with over 8 years football shirt experience to check the items before we make them available on the website.


As the items originate from the seasons they were sold many of our items are pre-worn, however we will only sell items that we believe to be of good enough quality to be worn with pride or fit into your collection. Used shirt condition rating – Graded as; Mint, Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair, with the former being the best condition. Each item has its own individual condition details which will state if there are any flaws. Please note that the condition ratings are relative to age. An older shirt in excellent condition may have a few small bobbles, whereas a newer season shirt will be almost new. New Shirts – New shirts will have; ‘As New’, ‘w/Tags’, or ‘BNIB’ in the title. Please check in the product for an actuate description of tags and packaging included.


All shirts are original replica items unless otherwise stated in the product title and description. Player Issue – Items shown as player issue usually have different features from standard replica items. These items were issued for the club, however, they were never used. You can check the features in the item description. Match Issue – Items shown as match issue usually have different features from standard replica items. These items were issued to the club and issued to a player to wear in a match. The player may have worn the item or it was issued as a spare. You can check the features and any match detail in the item description.


All printed items will have the players name in the title and a clear picture of the back of the shirt within the listing. Unfortunately we do not have access to all printings. The players listed in the description are the players from the era who played at the club while they wore this design shirt. Printed shirts are often printed just before being dispatched. In order to maintain the appearance and avoid any issues after washing please ensure you follow the following washing instructions:

    • Machine wash at 30 degrees C / hand wash program
    • Cool Iron only
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not bleach
    • Items with a ‘hand wash only’ instruction should not be machine washed.


    • All products on the website are available and in stock. You can check the sizes available in the drop-down menu within the product description. Occasionally an item may have over sold. You will receive an email within 24 hours of sale if this occurs. You will have the option to choose another shirt from our collection or get a refund. If you can’t find what you are looking for please let us know via the request a shirt form. As items are original and classic it may take a while to source your desired shirt. Unfortunately as we only sell original shirts and not reproductions, therefore it is not possible to get shirts prior to the late 1970’s. Replica shirts were generally not produced until the late 1970s so items from before this period are almost impossible to find. KRF reserve the right to alter and/or withdraw any product or offer without notice in line with the conditions of sale.


    For previous customers this is not a problem as long as you pay within 10 days., for more valuable shirts we can also arrange payment in a number of instalments. If you have not dealt with us before we can only reserve shirts over the value of 50€ and we will ask for a 10% deposit. To reserve a shirt please us the contact us form.